WallauLab is hosted at the Entomology Department of the Aggeu Magalhães Institute – Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

We are mostly interested in studying the evolution of genomic and cellular symbionts (transposable elements, endocellular bacteria and arthropod born viruses (arboviruses)) from a wide variety mosquitoes species. Such entities deeply reshape host genome and physiology self-propagating inside of organisms, at the population and species level (horizontal transfer or host shifting). We also are interested in the characterization of insecticide resistance phenotype emerged due the continuum use of pesticides in mosquito species.  In order to get insights about those topics we use a combination of large scale Molecular Biology methods and Bioinformatics focusing on mosquitoes species which are vector of several human pathogens.

More information about the specific projects we are developing at the WallauLab  can be found in the Research tab.